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The Dirty South Network

The Dirty South Network has it's own radio station!


You can listen to The Dirty South Network's own radio station playing the best hiphop and R&B from the past to present! Simply click the link below or download our free app in the Google / Apple store.


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New Shows!

KTODD 90's!

KTODD 90’s is a 2 hour trip back to the Generation X decade! Relive those great memories from the 90’s from the last great decade…with all the music you sang along to, and pop culture moments as we headed towards the new millennium. It’s high energy, lots of music and great moments from new technological age of the 1990’s.

KTODD Rock Rewind

KTODD Rock Rewind is a two-hour weekly music show that plays the best Classic Rock from the past 40+ years. You'll hear sounds from the movies, TV and radio...AND the music that your listeners' remember!

KTODD Classic Country

KTODD Classic Country is a 2 hour music show with some of the best country music in the last 20 years.

We'll spotlight the music and pop culture of the country music explosion of the late 80's, 90's and into the new millennium. Plus, you’ll hear sounds from TV and the movies that will take listeners back to those great years of country music.


The Reto 80's R&B Blast


So whether you grew up listening to this music on your favorite radio station or you've just discovered it, welcome to The Retro 80's R&B Blast... Where the 1980s will live on FOREVER.

New Stations!

Hustla Hype

Hustla Hype Radio comes to you from Cincinnati, Ohio.  Currently in our rotation we play mainstream Hip-Hop, but also have exclusive content from artists such as Young Butta, Lil Spig, and Renny the God.

Hair Band Radio

The best music from the best hair! Thanks to Hair Band Radio for joining The Dirty South Network , check listings on when you can hear our shows , click the station tab at the top of the page to check the listings.


PLAYING TODAY'S HOTTEST MUSIC! Thanks to KYSS.FM for joining The Dirty South Network , check listings on when you can hear our shows Catch the best Hip-Hop and Rap all day and like them on Facebook.

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